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Not Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi calls Bagnaia and Quartararo the strongest racers in MotoGP for now

NONTONMotoGP - MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi highlights the fierce competition between Francesco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo in MotoGP. He admits that he likes the competition between the two MotoGP 2022 racers because he is considered the strongest racer. As is known, Bagnaia was involved in intense competition with Fabio Quartararo in MotoGP 2022. Initially, Quartararo had led 91 points from Bagnaia. 

But in the end Bagnaia managed to become the 2022 MotoGP champion, after competing closely with Quartararo until the last series. Bagnaia ended the season at the top of the standings by collecting 265 points and getting seven wins and 10 podiums. Meanwhile, Quartararo is in runner-up position with 248 points with three wins and eight podiums. Regardless of the results, the competition between the two drivers also reaped a lot of praise from various parties, including Rossi. 

Rossi recently admitted that he liked the competition between Bagnaia and Quartararo. In fact, the owner of seven MotoGP world titles said the two riders were the strongest riders compared to other racers, including Marc Marquez. 

"I like the last competition between them, because Pecco and Fabio showed that they are the strongest, they are also the only one," Rossi was quoted as saying from Motosan. 

On the other hand, Rossi also explained the difference between Yamaha and Ducati in terms of engine power. The man from Italy thinks that the Yamaha motorbike is good, but when compared to the Ducati motorbike engine, the Yamaha motorbike is considered to be less strong. 

"Yamaha has always been a good bike, always balanced, but now the difference compared to Ducati in terms of engine power is very important. It is difficult for Quartararo to fight like this," said Rossi.

Meanwhile, Rossi actually praised his protege, Bagnaia. He said Bagnaia has extraordinary speed compared to Quartararo. In addition, Pecco is considered to have a good personality and is educated.

"Pecco is very fast. He, like all riders, needs his comfort zone, but when he has the right feeling on the bike, he is very fast. He is also a good kid, a great person and educated, you can tell he comes from a good family - OK," said Valentino Rossi.

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